Build your own online dating site

Dating sites are as much social grooming as they are focused on dating.You may need code in place to keep married men from using the site to setup dates with unmarried women.If I were to start a dating site, I would have it focus on a very specific niche (military veterans, schoolteachers, whatever) because this makes connecting with your target market so much easier.

Programming always takes more time than everyone thinks to get all of the features in place to bring a project to life.Considering most successful dating sites employ custom CMS's that range from k-200k USD in development costs, how could someone new to this field who has a great idea get started?I'm not looking for white label solutions, but to create a true startup such as POF.Others answered many of the same tools you said you already understood, but I'm going to try to parse this a different way.You need a way to sign up users and create their profiles.