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His expert dating advice has helped many women, and now we want to share some of his tips with you!

With the explosion of technology in today’s society, it’s important to talk about texting and the internet.

It combines technology and matchmaking in a way that’s accessible and fun to use.

It’s an app that let’s you upload a photo of yourself, look at the photos of other users, and rate them as Fun, Sexy, or Cool, hence the name.

That seems entirely based in this premise, with just blips of how the "experts" conduct their professional business and a focus on how they fail personally, is a kind of evolution overall in the dating show—though I'm not sure it's a forward evolution.

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In fact, you might blatantly break rules that you'd yell at a paying customer for flouting, as Laurent does in this first episode.

Are you hoping to get a second, third, fourth chance to make a relationship work? If you are feeling this way you are still holding on.

By Andrew Pryor Simply put, Steve Ward knows his way around the human heart so well it’s a wonder he’s not a cardiologist in his spare time.

The brain regulates your love life using a veritable cocktail of chemicals.

Upon meeting someone who you find attractive, your system releases norepinephrine and dopamine.