Page when updating your flashpaq

Flashpaq programmers have tunes for economy, towing, daily driving, and extreme performance. Easy to figure out, I would recommend reading the whole manual prior to using it as it will help you navigate the menu and help you determine which setting you want.

The F5 allows for adjustments to speed and rev limiters, as well as speedometer for new tires sizes. 07 F150 STX, increased throttle response, 3-5 mpg and plenty of options to suit your needs Superchips Flash Paq F5 programmers offer an easy installation.

I attached a help article on how to determine tire diameter as well.

Hi There I am using the 3872 Flash Paq for Jeep on my Wrangler JK 2011.

To access the tire size adjustment of your Superchips Flashpaq SU1842 you will need to select, "Tune Vehicle," from the main menu.

Next select, "Advanced Tune." Select "Options," and then select, "Tire Size."From there you will be able to select your tire overall diameter.

Also, the Flashpaq tuner can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, so no more driving around with the "check engine" light on anymore. View Available Part Numbers For This Product Line I received the Super Chip in the original unopened box. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call at 877-216-5446.Power and capability in Jeep, Ford, GM, and Ram have all been possible thanks to this programmer.We had to see for ourselves what this device could do, and sourced an F5 (PN 3845) and a 2006 Quad Cab 2500 to make it happen.My Commander: 2006 4.7L V8 with RR 2.25" lift and 255/75/17 tires Click here for the Jeep Flashpaq Press Release.After time, we can track improvements in performance, gas mileage, towing, and off road use. I read the instructions, plugged it in, and got a message to recommending me to update the Flashpaq online.