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The parasha concludes with the passage which is used liturgically as the second paragraph of the Shema.

These words reiterate the connection between Israel's piety and God's blessing.

Summary: In this week's parasha, Moses continues his review of the exodus experience, reminding the Israelites of how Ha Shem has cared for them in the wilderness.

He reiterates the covenant and continues to review the general rewards that will benefit the Israelites if they are faithful to Ha Shem and follow Ha Shem 's commandments.

It is simple: if the Israelites follow the Torah, Ha Shem will bless them in the land, and drive out their enemies. Moses warns them not to follow other gods or engage in idolatrous worship practices.

Moses also reminds the Israelites of some of their earlier rebellious incidents, including the events around the building of the Golden Calf and the destruction of the first set of tablets.

In July and August we will hold Shabbat evening services every Friday at p.m.

The Hohokam dominated the center of the area which is now Arizona, the Mogollon the southeast, and the Puebloans the north and northeast.

As these cultures disappeared between 1000–1400 AD, other Indian groups settled in Arizona.

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Arizona chino dating jewish service valley