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We will find out in a couple of months when the babies poke their heads over the side of the nest. Meanwhile, over in Washington Square, Bobby and Sadie have two eggs. The first shows Sadie holding a frozen rat around 11am. Morningside Hawks is also reporting nesting activity at St John the Divine and Grant's Tomb.

She had a quick brunch before settling back down on the egg. Urban Hawks confirmed earlier this week that Pale Male and Octavia are brooding on 5th Avenue. If we assume Dora laid the first egg today (March 14), we can expect hatch time to be in about 35-40 days (April 18-23).

To learn more about the FASTER program, click here. Her film swept the awards season last year, culminating in an Oscar win.Poitras is once again in New York, having moved back to the city after several years basing herself out of Berlin. Newton normally runs near the middle of the end zone stands to deliver a football to a young fan after the Panthers score a touchdown. At least that’s how the family of the 6-year-old who got a football from Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton sees it.