Updating benq firmware

When connected, hold the “power” and the “auto” button while plugging the power cable back in. firmware updates can only be installed when the LED is RED: After a while, windows should install the drivers, this should take about a minute or 2 : When all drivers are installed, go back to the DLPLite program.

Select your downloaded firmware image, choose “complete image download” and check “skip blootloader area”… When the settings are correct, click “Reset Bus”, Then click “Start Download”: a last warning will pop up before updating your beamer: Click “yes” and the update should start…

When copied open the DLPLite program : When DLPLite opened, go to edit- preferences: Go to “Communications” and select “USB”, the vendor and product should already be the same as mine : when correct, click OK.

then in the left side of the program click “Flash Loader” : A warning may come up, just click OK, Now disconnect the power cable and connect connect your pc to your beamer/projector using the USB - Mini-USB cable, Always plug your cable directly in your PC and avoid using a hub.

To install V2 Firmware on your BENQ Z-Series monitor (XL2420Z, XL2411Z, and XL2720Z), there are now detailed step-by-step instructions to install V2 firmware.

For XL2720Z monitors, firmware Version 2 or later is required for Blur Busters Strobe Utility.

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First, download and extract the required files : First open the “Download_Tool” folder and install the application, At the licence agreement, first scroll down and then accept and agree: once installed, open the installation folder and copy the “Flash Device Parameters.txt” file in the installation folder : by default : 64bit : c:/program files(x86)/DLP Composer Lite 11.0.1 32bit : c:/program files/DLP Composer Lite 11.0.1 Make sure the file is called “Flash Device Parameters” or the program won’t work.

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You can buy a BENQ monitor with new firmware preinstalled, so you don’t need to do the above complex steps.

Most other online stores are still selling V1 firmware.